Siana is a small hamlet situated in south west Rajasthan, bordering the great Thar desert. The terrain here is a unique mixture of Aravalli hills bordered by sand dunes and agricultural lands. The run-off from these hills has created picturesque ravines in these dunes and has carried this sand into neighbouring countryside making this area perfect for riding. The south west part of Rajasthan is still untouched by western influence and offers a good insight into the traditional way of life. The rock formations in the Aisrana Range need a special mention as they are unique and wonderful to watch against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Siana and Family

The Chauhan clan of Rajputs started their empire around the Sambhar lake then gradually moved south & west towards Nadol. From there they moved to Jalore in 1181 under the leadership of Kirtipal. Rao Devrajji the grandson of Kirtipal , established the Sirohi state in 1228 A.D. Rao Devrajiji’s younger brother Rao Boroji was given the jagir of Siana in 1240 A.d..From the mid 13th century till independence the family was responsible for the administration of the adjoining 12 villages. Siana remained with Sirohi state until 1573 A.D. when Maharao Surthan gave this jagir to Khan Malik Khan of Jalore . From 1645 A.D. Marwar captured Jalore and Siana came under the influence of Marwar State & continued till independence.

From 1240 to 1947 there have been 23 jagirdars on the Siana gaddi & the present family are the direct descendents of Rao Boroji & hence are called Bora Chauhans.

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