Siana Safari

Siana would be an ideal destination for those seeking adventure in form of safaris and at the same time wishing to get an insight into untouched rural Rajasthan. It is not just a ride from one place to another but rather a complete insight into rural southwest Rajasthan.

This part of Rajasthan has remained cut off from the tourist circuit and as a result retains its traditional charm. The small Shepard villages that one passes through still retain their originality in terms of housing structures, attires and social customs. There are no forced smiles to welcome the foreign tourist. Riding becomes the means through which one views the culture as well as the wildlife of this region.

Highest appreciation has been received for the terrain of this region. It is a beautiful combination of semi-desert countryside, dunes & ravines bordering small offshoots of Aravalli Ranges, sandy plains & agricultural lands where underground water exists. There is no monotony of riding the same terrain everyday. Also worth mentioning are the rock formations in the small hills that one rides by. These rock formations are particularly picturesque to watch against the setting sun.